8th International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Applications, Services and Technologies (NGMAST2014), Oxford, UK 10-12 September 2014

Call for Papers
8th International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Applications,
Services and Technologies (NGMAST2014)
St. Anthony’s College, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
10-12 September 2014
IEEE Technically Co-sponsored and proceedings published by IEEE CPS and
IEEE Xplore.
Paper Submission         30 May 2014
Notification of Acceptance 22 June 2014
Author/Early Registration 30 June2014
Camera Ready                 30 June 2014
Conference Dates         10-12 September 2014
Proposals for tutorials to be co-located with NGMAST 2014 are welcome for
evaluation. Send proposals to ngmast@glam.ac.uk
With the vast increase of mobile apps development and adoption, the fast
pace deployment of 4G LTE networks and the beginning of shaping the
research agenda for 5G, the 8th International Conference on Next
Generation Mobile Applications, Services and Technologies (NGMAST2014)
will be organised in the historic and renowed city of Oxford, United
The main theme of NGMAST2014 will be 5G Mobile Apps, Services and
Technologies. Therefore, it is truely going to be 5GMAST 2014.
NGMAST 2014 is continuing following the significant success of previous
conferences in Prague (2013), Paris (2012), Cardiff (2011), Amman (2010),
and Cardiff (2007, 08,09).
The conference is hosted at St. Anthony’s College of the University of
Oxford and organised by the Centre of Excellence in Mobile Applications
and Services (CEMAS), University of South Wales and it partners in the
Mobile Innovation Network (MINE), UK
NGMAST 2014 is technically Co-sponsored by
• IPv6 Forum
• SIP Forum
• European Council for Modelling and Simulation
• UKSIM UK Society on Modelling and Simulation
Similarly to The proceedings of all previous conferences, the proceedings
of NGMAST2014 will be published by Conference Publishing Services (CPS).
Leading Keynote Speakers from industry and Academia
(Confirmed: Prof. Rahim Tafazoli, Director of 5GIC, University of Surrey)
Conference themes include but not limited to:
Next Generation Mobile Services
• Mission Critical Architectures
• 5G services
• IMS and SIP-based Services
• Fixed-Mobile Convergence
• Mobile Service Management and delivery
• Cloud Computing
• Mobile Cloud
• Security, Privacy and Ethical Issues in the Cloud
• Software System design for Mobile services
• Multimedia and Multicast services
• Peer-to-Peer Services
• Client-Server based services
• Service platforms for the Digital Economy
• Innovative services on IMS Application Servers
• Indoor and Outdoor Location-based services
• Context/Content-aware services
• Security services
• Billing, Accounting and Charging
• Beyond Web 2.0
Next Generation Mobile Applications
• VoIP and Video over IP applications
• VoLTE, PoC applications
• Mobile TV and multicast applications
• Mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) applications
• Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications
• Real-time multimedia applications
• Internet of Things
• Smart Cities
• Home automation and monitoring applications
• Proximity/Sensors/NFC based mobile services
• Mobile gaming
• High-speed data applications on mobile networks
• Secure Mobile banking applications
• Mobile GIS applications
• Mobile health care and medical applications
• Innovative platforms and applications for assisted living
• M-commerce
• M-learning
• M-entertainment
• Mobile applications user interface and design
• Mobile Social Networking
• Mobile Mixed Reality
• Mobile Operating Systems
• Augmented Reality
• Pervasive Computing
• Algorithms
• Systems Engineering
• Artificial Intelligence
Next Generation Mobile Technologies
• 5G Technologies
• mmWave system
• Massive MIMOs and smart Antennas
• Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN)
• Mission Critical Mobile Technologies
• LTE-Advanced deployment
• Mobile Broadband technologies
• Ad hoc and sensor networks
• Femtocells
• Mobile vehicular technologies
• Quality of service and Quality of Experience in 5G wireless networks
• Resource Allocation and Management strategies
• Ambient and pervasive networking
• Energy conservation technologies
Standardization and Ethical issues
• Open Mobile Alliance initiatives
• Broadband Public Safety Communication Networks
• Web3.0 proposals
• Inter-operability and optimization issues
• Beyond 4G and Society
• Network Management and Operation strategy